Dai Tuệ pagoda in Viet Nam

Dai Tuệ pagoda in Viet Nam

Dai Tuệ is an ancient temple located on the highest peak of the Dai Hue range, in Nam Anh commune, Nam Dan district. The temple has a campus of about 6.000m2, located at a height of more than 450m above sea level, here the non-watery mess, good weather, fresh grass and four lush greenery. In particular, Dai Tue Pagoda has just been recognized by the Vietnam National Association of Standards and Hotels-in-vietnam.com have recognized four records: the mountain temple has the largest artificial lake; The temple system has the most ruby; The temple has the most monolithic wooden mulberry statue system and the temple has the most traditional Vietnamese calligraphy system.

Dai Tuệ pagoda and Dai Hue mountain are considered as one of the famous landscapes of Nghệ. This is a religious crematorium, a place where cultural activities and spiritual well-being of the people in the region. At present, the remaining remnants of the pagoda are 3 2.2 meter high bricks; 0.5m thick around the campus is stone embankment about 20m wide, 30m long.

East of the pagoda is a grave that is grafted with 1 meter high stone that people think is the grave of King Canh Thinh. The 50m to the north-east of the pagoda is wells that are erected around the stone for the occasion of the ceremony. At present, there are only a number of relics preserved at the relics such as Buddha statue, gas furnace, prayer book, stone stele, lotus pond.

Prior to the active contribution to the protection of national independence through many historical periods, before the enthusiasm of Buddhists of the cross, the People's Committee of Nghe An decided to restore and retract the abbot. Together with the people and Buddhists near and far to join hands to build Dai Tuue pagoda on the Great Hue Mountains and guide Buddhist practitioners.

According to the plan, Dai Tuat pagoda has an area of ​​over 20ha with nearly twenty items of works, from the tower of the Buddhist Monk Dai Tue, main electricity, Thich Ca power, four temples worship four Bodhisattvas, meditation, Lecture Hall, Lecture Hall, Lecture Hall, Library, Memento, Monastery, Nunnery, Guest House, Tam Quan Gate ... many kinds of statues of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhat, Khanh, gas weapons... The works are traditional cultural architecture of the nation, harmonious combination with space worship, practical needs of spiritual beliefs and Buddhist practice of monks and nuns , Buddhist, worthy of a spiritual cultural works of Nghe An in particular and the country in general.


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